May 22, 2018

Lessons Learned: My First Smartphone Game

In 2017 I have released my first smartphone game “Supermarket Challenge” for iOS and Android. I learned a lot of stuff during the game development and wanted to share my experiences with you. Why did I develop a game I play and love videogames since I am a little boy. Additionally, I started my software development career some years ago. As a result, I decided to combine both of my greatest passions to develop my own videogame. Read more

May 15, 2018

My Development Setup

In the past, I stumpled upon many interesting tools by investigating the development setups of other developers. Therefore, I thought I could also present you my setup. I change up things sometimes, so this page will serve as a living document and a place to point curious developers to when I get asked. Editor + Terminal Visual Studio Code as editor Hyper as terminal including Oh My Zsh with avit theme and Roboto Mono for Powerline as font Desktop Apps Firefox as my main browser. Read more

May 12, 2018

My first npm package: github-traffic-cli

Since I published my first projects on GitHub I really enjoyed viewing the traffic on my repositories. It is really interesting to see how many people visit or clone my repositories. Unfortunately it costs a lot of time to click through all available repositories and I was looking for a more elegant way. I stumpled upon the npm package github-traffic which already provides an API to fetch the GitHub traffic. Read more

May 11, 2018

My First Visual Code Extension

I am really a big fan of Visual Code and use it as my main IDE for software development. The available selection of extensions (see the Extension Marketplace) is amazing. As I started using Visual Code I found every extension I was looking for. But last week I stumbled upon a feature where I could not find an extension for. So I decided to write my first VS code extension and let you know about my experiences during the development. Read more

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