Hi! I'm Michael Hoffmann

German freelance software engineer with focus on Angular

Software Engineer

I love developing web applications, mobile apps, and games with a focus on high quality, clean, well-documented and easily maintainable code while respecting deadlines and budgets

Blogger & Speaker

I write articles and give talks about software development and my career

Customer Orientated

I can solve problems in my projects within time and budget

Challenge Seeker

I want to be challenged by problems you think are difficult or impossible to solve


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Standup Picker

RebelGamer Mobile App

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Monitoring Spring Boot Application With Micrometer, Prometheus And Grafana Using Custom Metrics

10/26/2020 Michael HoffmannDevelopmentSpring

It is important to monitor an application’s metrics and health which helps us to improve performance, manage the app in a better way, and notice unoptimized behavior. Monitoring each service is important to be able to maintain a system that consists…

How To Automatically Generate A Helpful Changelog From Your Git Commit Messages

9/7/2020 Michael HoffmannDevelopmentTools

Creating a changelog is a usual task if a new software version is going to be released. It contains all the changes which were made since the last release and is helpful to remember what has changed in the code and to be able to inform the users of…

How I Built A Self-Updating README On My Github Profile

7/15/2020 Michael HoffmannDevelopmentCareer

On Hacker News I discovered the article Building a self-updating profile README for GitHub. I was very fascinated about this new GitHub feature and wanted to build something similar for my GitHub profile. GitHub Profile README GitHub profile READMEs…