Hi! My name is Michael Hoffmann and I publish my private software projects under the pseudonym Mokkapps

Mobile, game & frontend developer. Blogger. Videogame enthusiast. Beekeeper.


An overview of my private software projects:

Supermarket Challenge

Supermarket Challenge

Used technology: Corona SDK
Supermarket Challenge Supermarket Challenge

RebelGamer Mobile App

Used technology: React Native
RebelGamer RebelGamer
Scrum Standup Picker

Scrum Standup Picker

Used technologies: Angular 5, Electron
Void Fest 2018 Band Reminder

Void Fest 2018 Band Reminder

Used technologies: React, Node.js
A website which shows a list of traffic graphs of your own GitHub repositories

GitHub Traffic Viewer

Used technologies: Gatsby, Firebase

About me

Michael Hoffmann

I am a software developer from the Bavarian Forest and currently live in Munich.

    Highly committed, agile personality with broad experience in the field of application development. Experience in working in agile team settings. Delivering excellent results and used to work under pressure.

    I am very interested in development of mobile apps, websites and video games. If I am not coding I play videogames or do sports.

This is my Spotify playlist which I listen to during programming and sport. It is a crazy mix out of Reggae, Ska, Rock, Hip-Hop, Elektro and more: