Hi! I'm Michael Hoffmann

Passionate freelance frontend and app developer with a focus on web-based technologies

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Software Developer

I love developing web applications, mobile apps, and games with a focus on high quality, clean, well-documented and easily maintainable code while respecting deadlines and budgets

Blogger & Speaker

I write articles and give talks about software development and my career

Customer Orientated

I can solve problems in my projects within time and budget

Challenge Seeker

I want to be challenged by problems you think are difficult or impossible to solve


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The Last Guide For Angular Change Detection You'll Ever Need

11/18/2019 Michael HoffmannDevelopmentAngular

Angular’s Change Detection is a core mechanic of the framework but (at least from my experience) it is very hard to understand. Unfortunately, there exists no official guide on the official website about this topic. In this blog post, I will provide…

How I Write My Blog Posts

10/15/2019 Michael HoffmannCareer

I’m often asked how I write my blog posts and in this article, I want to describe my process from start to finish. In this blog post I will cover these topics: Topic Selection Planning & Preparation Writing Review Publish Prepare a talk Conclusion…

JHipster - The Fastest Way To Build A Production-Ready Angular & Spring Boot Application

9/23/2019 Michael HoffmannDevelopmentAngular

The last years I mainly worked on the frontend part of web & mobile applications but I also did some minor backend work. Since mid of this year, I am working to improve my backend knowledge and started to focus on Java backend development using…