Hi! I'm Michael Hoffmann

German freelance software engineer with focus on Angular

Software Engineer

I love developing web applications, mobile apps, and games with a focus on high quality, clean, well-documented and easily maintainable code while respecting deadlines and budgets

Blogger & Speaker

I write articles and give talks about software development and my career

Customer Orientated

I can solve problems in my projects within time and budget

Challenge Seeker

I want to be challenged by problems you think are difficult or impossible to solve


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How To Generate Angular & Spring Code From OpenAPI Specification

3/2/2020 Michael HoffmannAngularDevelopmentSpring

If you are developing the backend and frontend part of an application you know that it can be tricky to keep the data models between the backend & frontend code in sync. Luckily, we can use generators that generate server stubs, models, configuration…

Sending Message To Specific Anonymous User On Spring WebSocket

2/10/2020 Michael HoffmannSpringDevelopment

In my current, I had the opportunity to develop a new application based on Vue.js in the frontend and Spring Boot in the backend. The backend should send updates to the frontend via a WebSocket connection so that users do not need to refresh the…

Boost Your Productivity By Using The Terminal (iTerm & ZSH)

2/3/2020 Michael HoffmannProductivityDevelopment

Using the terminal is one of the biggest productivity boosts you can gain in your daily work as a developer. If you know your shortcuts, you will be way faster than using the mouse. In this article, I want to show you my terminal setup and how I use…